Meteor Tales is a new Pen & Paper Roleplaying Game that features a unique and detailed combat system based on realism. Explore the endless possibilities of combat using weapons and magic in a highly interactive setting where no one is safe, and strategy is key, replacing the safety net of levels and ranking systems.

Your character will be developed in game! Their progress will be determined by your actions. You will be able to prioritize your character's needs and practice, spar and study to develop in experience at your own rate.

In Meteor Tales, Roleplaying is not only recommended, but truly supported! The game features tools that will inspire Roleplaying to all players and allow them to connect better with their characters and the environment around them. 

Meteor Tales guides you on how to create a detailed character with a process that consists of 10 Chapters! Through the process you will come up with a character of realistic dimensions. You will not be contained with a simple formula of race and profession, but rather with a detailed study of every aspect of your character's identity.

about Meteor Tales


Meteor tales is an indie project that i have been developing forever. the concept started at the age of 11 years old while entering the unknown then, but captivating world of pen & paper roleplaying games. It took me a while to realise what was happening as i played among teenagers and adults but i did not care, i was mesmerized.

Sessions became stories, stories became notes, notes turned to world building. Soon after, world building led to system development and game mechanics.


Over 20 years have passed since then. We never stopped playing. The frequency changed over the years, some people came and went, but we kept playing. All these years, the world building and the system development kept going endlessly. Effort after effort, testing and failure and dead ends. Make no mistake though, the process was the most fun i have ever had in my life. 

However, this work could never and will never remain unfinished. It is more than a passion, it is a duty and a legacy. At the age of 34 now and counting, i am proud to release the 2nd Edition of the game. 


I cannot stress this enought. I cannot thank you enough. I will not even try to express my gratitude towards the people that helped in this process. Endless hours of fun gaming but also, annoying beta testing and patching and changing. Thank you all for your contributions and the moments. This whole project is dedicated to you.


I would like to take a moment not only to express my gratitude to my friend and amazing illustrator of this book, but also showcase his amazing work which for me, is second to none. All the original artwork in Meteor Tales so far (and hopefully forever) was created by Charidimos Bitsakakis. You can check his amazing portfolio in his workstation here via the link: Charidimos Bitsakakis Artstation.

Thank you all for the amazing experience (points) so far, and the ones that follow. May this game give back to you, what it offered to us.

Angelos Kyprianos

Creator of Meteor Tales.




Meteor Tales is a group game. One person must be the Story Teller and the others (2 or more) should be the players. The story teller will prepare a scenario and the players will play it out. The story Teller should prepare the plot and the Players should create their characters with the help of the story teller and prepare for the story.


The main book (Core Rules) is essential for creating characters, learning and applying the rules (both players and story tellers) and keeping track of the game. 


Character Sheets are used to help create your character. You can download them for free via this website. Otherwise, you can follow the book's instructions and write the information on a piece of paper.


A combat timeline is a piece of paper that helps monitor the Advantage Roll and the Action Cycle during combat. You can download it for free via this website or use a blank paper with the help of the main book.


Meteor Tales requires a standard set of polyhedral dice that can be purchased in most gaming stores.


You will need to purchase or improvise a combat grid. A combat grid is just a panel separated in squares in order to calculate movement and distance in the game.


Miniatures can be used on the combat grid during battles. If you don't have any miniatures, feel free to use any type of small object. Remember, Pen & Paper games are fantasy oriented.


Visit the Official Meteor Tales Youtube Channel and watch video tutorials!

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