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During Norionor’s campaign, a meeting took place between him and a witch called Veiless, who was rumored to have met with the king several times in the past. The dialogue between Norionor Whiteshield and Veiless took place in 1003 AC at the Scissor Forest near Fengh.

Veiless met with Norionor in the Scissor Forest to persuade him to abandon his campaign and return to Lothen. The Conqueror had already dominated the Freelands of the South a few nights ago, in one of the most glorious battles of mankind.

Akreyn Thiaspis told Norionor of a prophecy that finds the Hunter, Nedel, defeated in a battle to the east, killed by a blade held by the Champion of Men, the most powerful warrior ever born in Vitallia. Norionor grew up with the notion of becoming the Chosen of Men, the Champion that would defeat the Black Knight.

Another version of the same prophecy, interpreted by Laraskul, told of a battle that would take place years later, during the Era of the Four Daughters, when they would fight against the army that marches through Vitallia after the destruction of the Cell, and the warrior that would defeat the Black Knight would not be of blood of men, but of blood of his.


- A woman should not be in this forest alone, even one such as you, an elf of the woods, for this place is not safe.

- There is not a creature of the forest that wishes me harm my lord, we elves share no such hostilities with the world.

- Then you are as wise as we learn in stories, and blessed with beauty and immortality.

- No one is immortal Norionor Whiteshield, not elf, nor man, nor the races of the world, even the bravest and fairest die, and as all others, feed the earth.

- Is that why you are here, lady of the elves? Are you here to kill me? I have heard of such magic to the east but I should warn you, your spells are not the first to find me, nor the last.

- I do not wish your death my lord, I bring a message, for there are forces in this world, far greater than the magic of the elves, the armies of men and the Fire of the Sentinel. Turn back your army and rule the south, the lands of your ancestors of the First Era, lands that welcome knights such as yours, and men such as yourself.

- There are no men such as myself, I carry the Whiteshield swords upon my back, the first warriors that fought alongside Gods. My journey has just began my lady, the world shall hear my Name and await. They shall away for the march of the Lion that will unite the kingdoms against the coming darkness, once the Great Cell breaks.

- The Cell shall not break for many years to come lord of men. We have foreseen it since the first Sights of the Eye, but you shall not see it, nor will your children, or their children after them.

- Then we speak of different prophecies.

- There is only one prophet in this world Norionor, and his words are beyond doubt.

- No one can change my destiny. When I am done with the union of the kingdoms, north, south, west and east will prepare for the great battle, and then, the Eye can see and write any tale he likes.

- The ink of history is not written by men, and blood may dry out and fade away, but ink stays and shows the way of the world, from dawn to dusk.

- When I arrive in Starbleed, before I cross the Frozen Ocean, I shall collect a Northern Rose and think of the blue of your hair.

- You will never reach the north, nor the seas ahead, but a blue rose will shut the light from your eyes.

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