This book contains Lore & Information regarding the Trident Empire from the World of Vitallia. Vitallia is the Prime World from the universe of "Meteor Tales", a new Pen & Paper, Roleplaying Game created by Angelos Kyprianos.


The Trident Empire was born under an expedition of seafarers who sought to claim their independance from the other Human Kingdoms during the Era of the Guardian. The book narrates the rich history of the kingdoms of the empire, the royal lineage as well as the most important events that took place.


  • 11 Islands with handmade maps, places of interest, NPCs, items and lore.
  • World map of Vitallia.
  • Unique items, Vendors and Recipes.
  • History of the Empire along with royal lineage and overview of events.

Use this Lore Book to enhance the gameplay experience of your sessions greatly by diving deep into the lore of the world of Vitallia!

Trident Empire - Lore Book.

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    54 Pages



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