The recently formed planet that was later named Vitallia, remained untouched for a long time. Nature was formed due to the power of the Meteor that embraced the dead rock and turned it into a living planet. A small oasis across the universe of Radrum that came to existence. The energy of the Meteor rooted deep into the core of the earth, raising mountains, widening rivers, forming lands and fields and oceans. The planet's energy was immense, reaching other dimensions of the universe as well. The empty plane was in harmony, and its vitality was increasing, springing from the very core where a Crater had now been formed. The place where the meteor fell, the Heart of Vitallia.

The first three visitors of the world were women. Theanivar, who was also called “The Guide”, Shyrune and her daughter Mora, who had been exiled from the plane of Pantheon, accused of stealing the Hourglass of Randai and became fugitives to another planet. When they reached the land of Vitallia, they traveled from one edge to another and cherished the beauty of the planet that offered them shelter and a fresh start. Theanivar stayed with them during these first years, since she wanted to rest from her many journeys. A few years later, the three women discovered the Crater where the meteor had originally landed, and from within it, they could feel the overwhelming power of the Pantheon. Mora insisted that with this energy, they could gain power and independence. Theanivar however, suggested not digging beyond the surface of the earth, since they were not aware of dangers within, but even she could not deny the call she felt from the foundations of the crater. 

When they decided to enter the core of the planet in search for this energy, they reached a dead end. The core was protected by a layer of indestructible Amber, an essence that could not break or yield to any magic or tools of any type. Shyrune then, decided to call for Kargor the Smith. Of all the craftsmen and smiths and metallurgists she knew, Kargor was the most gifted, and possessed the strength required for such a task. Kargor answered the call and arrived at the Crater, taken away by the very energy that lured the others as well. He began to work greedily and used all of his magic and tools and strength in order to cause a huge explosion, which also resulted in a chain reaction of numerous explosions, destroying tremendous amounts of land. After the explosions, fire started springing out of the crater and onto the surface of the earth. Endless rivers of magical fire, like blood running from the heart of Vitallia. The fire was so strong, that prevented them from reaching deeper, and then, they decided to call for Igrais the Flame-Walker. She answered the call and appeared before them, accepting their proposition to enter deep into the Crater and explore. The power located within, would be enough for all to share and so, Igrais entered the Crater.

As she was traveling through the depths of the earth, the lady of fire witnessed wondrous things. After the endless waves of fire, there were silhouettes, shapes and shadows inside of bubbles that were made of amber that seemed completely resilient against the power of the flame. In the bubbles, there were shapes of numerous kinds of monsters, babies that were being hatched in the earth’s womb. The deeper she traveled, the bigger the bubbles and the shadows inside them. Huge monsters, giant creatures in oblivion, trapped in amber. She could not see the end of the path through the flames and Igrais traveled for a whole year in the bosom of the earth and in the end, she finally reached a wall from which she could not find a passage in order to continue. The wall felt like flesh, soft and warm and Igrais took some more time to search for a way to travel further, until she decided there wasn’t any. She then directed a huge wave of fire towards the wall, and concentrated enough energy to create a hole and thus, continued her journey. At that point, the flames went wild around her and tremors started to shake the foundations of the earth. She could hear a rising roar from beneath the core. She got terrified and started to move towards the surface with great speed, in order to avoid the beast that was awaken in the depths of the planet, for she knew that her magic could not hold it. As she was traveling back, she saw the bubbles of amber burst, and the monsters inside fell and started to crawl and fly and walk towards the surface, along with her.

When she arrived back, the sky had a different color, the winds had risen along with the oceans, and fire was jumping out of the Crater and then returned back to the earth in the form of rain, burning everything down. The four women and Kargor, took refuge to the mountains south of the Crater in order to protect themselves from the phenomena, and saw a giant creature come out of the earth from inside the flames. The colossal beast that could only be described as a Titan reached one hundred meters in height and was made of all the elements combined. Its torso was fire, its eyes were clouds and thunder and its flesh was rock and roots and it was the Sentinel, the Guardian of Vitallia, made from the planet itself. Its blood was the power of the meteor, the overwhelming energy that gave life to the planet in the first place, the same energy that attracted the visitors. The creature was angered by the wound that had been inflicted upon it. It looked for the fugitives and started unleashing thunderbolts against the mountains of Armorgrand to make them flee from their hideout.

At the mountain, Kargor forged a shield that was named Kalar, which he would use to deflect the strikes of the beast and lead the women away from Vitallia. For months they remained hidden in the mountains, waiting for the fury of the beast to fade, until one day, they sensed its power shift towards another direction. When they came out and started traveling towards the east, they saw the giant creature battling against new invaders. One of them was Sayeth, who fought using a giant scythe, flying around the creature and striking its torso when he could. Further away, was Revedon with his huge Trident that drew power from the ocean, wearing leather armor decorated with sea shells filled with magic. Maldagar was the lady of the Trees, who struggled to contain the fury of the beast, manipulating the elements and using them to protect the others. The leader of this party was Stagor of Kerfer, an old God who wielded Stormspear, and unleashed thunderbolts striking down the guardian’s monsters and the creature itself. Up in the sky, groups of flying Serkoun, warrior gods of the Pantheon were fighting wielding Terkeleon Hammers, made from the line of Kargor the Smith. And other warriors arrived as well, answering the call of their comrades against the Sentinel. Theanivar used the Bow of Aruil and fired arrows at the beast and Kargor engaged in combat using an axe and a shield. Mora and Shyrune drew magical energy from the moon and made bolts that they shot against the creature, powerful and devastating missiles that wounded the beast. The Sentinel kept fighting them all, drawing strength from nature, draining the rivers and the seas, lowering mountains, drying fields and fertile lands of the east and the west, gathering storms and thunder against the invaders of Vitallia.