When the war between the Sentinel and the Vulture Gods peaked, the world of Vitallia suffered. The Gods fought fiercely, wielding their weapons with strength and passion that resembled the pathos of mortal men, driven by their desire to conquer the core of the Ancient Fire of the Sentinel, the power of Pantheon that lurked within the Crater. Monsters – children started to surface and roamed the lands of Vitallia. Most of them were animals and beasts, deprived of common sense, hatched before their time, as the Sentinel was bleeding on the inside.

The Sentinel then, decided to create the Races of Vitallia. The children who it could trust with free will and reason. It required a sacrifice. The children of the Sentinel would bear the Fire of Creation, taken from the creator and trusted upon them to inhabit the lands of Vitallia. In time, their talents would develop along with their strength, and each one of them would reach the power of the Gods, should their energy would align with their purpose correctly and thus, the Creator would have strong allies. In addition, their presence would occupy the Gods, and would drive them away from the battle, since the Sentinel knew, that the Gods would seek the allegiance of these creatures, and that would earn it some time. 

To differentiate the races, the Sentinel would plant a small fire within them, a hearth similar to his, burning for years, triggering their talents, and the rest of their shape, would be filled by other elements accordingly, giving different shapes and powers to each one of them.

The first race were the Shanah. The Sentinel spent four years creating them, spending more energy that he had hoped for and as a result, the Shanah had powers similar to that of the Sentinel, controlling the elements of nature. Their shape was more fire than any of the other elements, and their crimson hair made that obvious. Their strength was great from the start, resulting in their lack of caution. Their temper drove them to direct danger more often than they could manage. The Sentinel lost heart by its mistake, and promised to be more cautious when it created the rest of the races, spending less time and resources.

The second race were the Gargoyles. The Sentinel used a big piece of rock and mixed it with fire, making them more stone than anything else. It gave them heavy wings in order to climb on high places and turn to stone, so that they can hide from the Gods and observe at the same time. It gave them claws and great strength to carry large stones and build fortifications. The fire inside them was enough to keep them alive for centuries, observing and protecting. 

The third race were the Erathiel. The fire inside them was fragile, allowing them to live less than a century and the Sentinel used a little water, and some stone to keep it from being completely extinguished. On the other hand, it blessed them with wind. The wind broke their chest bones and forced them to grow wings on their backs. Light and strong wings that would help them fly fast, with the ability to stay in the air for days without landing. The Erathiel could transfer information quickly from one edge of the world to another, learning and emulating the strengths and behaviors of the Gods. The Gods grew jealous of the Erathiel and their beautiful shape, their perfect features and their wings, and felt sorry that they could not fly but with the power of their magic.

The fourth race were the Elves. The fire in their chest was weak and the Sentinel, used a strong root to mend it. The fire then became strong and allowed the Elves to live for many centuries. It didn’t want them to be heavy, so instead of stone, it made them with leaves and roots, air and water, and as a result, the elves worshiped the forests and the fertile lands and the rivers, and wished to live inside of them. In the trees, they could see their roots and feel their life the same way they felt it in their breasts, and for that, they wanted to protect them, for their lives and that of the trees, were connected. They possessed great dexterity and speed, and could survive easily in forests, and they were patient, with slow but wondrous creations that would aid them in their cause. Their mind often strayed, absorbed by the beauty of nature, making them idle in their work, causing their lives to be often blank and unfulfilled.

It was then that the Sentinel created the fifth race, the Humans. It made them using the smallest fire of all, allowing them to live only for a few years, so that they would always fear time. Thus, they were motivated to work and create very fast. It made them out of fragments of stone and water and air, but more fear, so that they would never feel safe, unless they created or produced. And so, Humans became industrial and creative, so that they can keep happy and feel fulfilled and safe by working, unlike the elves. They used the treasures of the earth to build houses and make weapons, and were ambitious enough to make weapons equal to those of the Gods and armors and shields, in order to fight against them if need be. But their minds were obsessed with magic, the power of all powers and Humans, could not find peace unless they cultivated their own types of magic. Through research, and study, they begun to meddle with the different aspects of magic they felt around them, and more with that of Necromancy, for that it was the one that could change their nature, overcoming mortality, granting them what they were deprived of from the start, a larger fire.

The sixth race were the Dwarves. The Sentinel used a piece of rock and a generous flame, because it wanted this race to be stable and courageous, strong against fear and the passing of time. It also gave them productivity and art. Within them, it put the minerals and ores of the earth, so that they can be resilient and strong. The weight of the metal deformed them and pulled them close to the ground, making them slow and lower than the other races, but more stable and unmovable from the outer forces of the world.

The seventh race were the Brutgors. The Sentinel used only fire and a piece of red rock. Their fire was big but instead of life force, it gave them temper and fierceness, so that they can fight more efficiently than anyone else. They lacked patience, art and creativity, and for that, they turned their bodies into weapons and used their own strength, and their cries echoed the power of the Sentinel. Since they did not have any water inside them, they felt more comfortable in dry lands, deserts and volcanoes, and learned to fight from the beginning of their creation. The rock that gave them form was tough and large, granting them great structure and muscle and strength, equal to that of three or more humans combined.

After the seven races, the Sentinel was exhausted and tried to rest. Since it dropped its defenses, the Crater beneath it was left exposed, allowing endless creatures to further crawl from the surface of the earth and spread through the corners of Vitallia. These creatures were not made purposely, and thus, their shape was chaotic. Some were made solely by one element, granting them horrible shapes, either extremely large or small, but for no particular reason or purpose. They had more or fewer body parts than what they needed and different powers and weaknesses, according to each creation. Due to their unfortunate birth, their vital energy was broken, forcing them to retreat during the summer into warrens that were later named “Warrens of Fire” by the Shanah. They were huge warrens in the depths of the earth, where the creatures would fall into oblivion, feeling the power and the presence of their creator, recovering their strength through hibernation.